Meaghan Blanchard 2018 PROMO

ECMA award winning Meaghan Blanchard has spent her entire young adult life touring and recording her self-penned songs, spreading her music across Canada, the UK and the USA. It was in the spring of 2016 that Meaghan, after realizing how out of balance she was feeling, made one of the best creative decisions of her career. She slowed down her touring schedule, packed up her things and moved to a little cottage on the Mill River, in West Prince, PEI. Every morning, rain or shine, Meaghan would wake up, make herself a pot of coffee, read a book and take in the beauty and quiet of her new home with a water view. It was from the hammock swing on the back porch, that she wrote this new collection of songs for her upcoming 2018 release “The Great Escape”. An album that captures Meaghan’s 27th year: a year of love (a husband), belonging (a new country home) and of deep heartache (the loss of a dear friend). “The Great Escape” was produced by Jim Bryson, in Ottawa, Ontario is the summer of 2017 and will be released in the spring of 2018.

Meaghan Blanchard is a gifted guitarist with her own blend of light claw hammer/finger picking style; paired with a crystal pure voice and a unique ability to write and tell stories through charming character driven songs.

Meaghan is truly an artist with a vision of how to use her wonderful voice and pair it up with songs that truly move you as a listener.”
(Maverick, UK