Meaghan Blanchard is a two time ECMA award winning songwriter from Prince Edward Island, Canada.

She is a gifted guitarist, with her own blend of claw hammer/finger picking style, and she pairs that with a crystal pure voice and a unique ability to write and tell stories through charming character driven songs. 

“THE GREAT ESCAPE” is Meaghan Blanchard’s fourth album, to be released in June 2018. The songs are strong, at times deeply personal, and sown throughout are the narratives of men and women who have rumbled with profound universal themes: self-doubt, fear and hope for a better way of living.  "The Great Escape" was produced by Jim Bryson at Fixed Hinge Studio in Stitsville, Ontario CANADA. 

“Meaghan is truly an artist with a vision of how to use her wonderful voice and pair it up with songs that truly move you as a listener.” 
(Maverick, UK )


Photography by Dave Brosha

Photography by Dave Brosha

Career Highlights


  • Two Time ECMA Award winning songwriter 
  • "She's Gonna Fly" Meaghan's third and award winning album, produced by John Keane (R.E.M., Widespread Panic, Nancy Griffith) and recorded in Athens, Georgia USA in 2012
  • Multiple Music PEI Award winning artist 
  • Guest artist at the UK House of Commons
  • Performed for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their Honeymoon tour
  • Played 47 shows in 14 days at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics 
  • "Gotta Let" featured of CBC TV Series SAVING HOPE 
  • Founder of the "Meaghan Blanchard Songwriting Camp for Girls"