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WEDDING DRESS PUNK When I was 15 years old, I tried on my very first wedding dress. I was, what you might call, a “fringe punk” teen.  I frequented local rock & metal music shows on Fridays, and sang in church with my mother and sisters on Sundays.  It was a strange time. After I

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FOR THE BIRDS: Finding peace in a new place…

I wouldn’t call it an ‘obsession’, but I can’t stop watching the birds. They are curious and cute, they are pudgy and bossy, and these birds have been finding their way into my backyard for the last month.  It has been a slow congregation of feathered friends and it has beautifully become my new ‘thing’

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“A SONG FOR YOUR STOCKING!” Holiday Gift Offer

“Hey there, My name is Meaghan and I am struggling with “LOHSD” (“Lack Of Holiday Spirit Disorder”). After a very busy year of touring my music abroad and at home in Canada, writing songs for a new record, hosting a fabulous Songwriting Camp for girls, buying a home, getting engaged to my fella and graduating from University; my

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SONGWRITING CAMP FOR GIRLS 2016! Learning is fun!

Songwriting Camp for Girls 2016!! May 14th & 15th! Held at The Holland College Campus School of Performing Arts Two days of mentoring for girls interested in exploring songwriting/cowriting! SO looking forward to it. For applications email me directly at  Well can you believe that it is spring already? I feel like the winter