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Coming Clean…












Dear friends,

I have not been honest with you and I feel the need to come clean
about something…something I don’t talk about all too often.

When I’m not on tour…I work a part time job. There. I said it. No more lying
about it. (Phewf! What a load off my chest!).When I’m not on the road touring or
in the recording studio or at any other musically affiliated to-do, I’m working
a serving job in my home town. WOW! It feels great to finally say it out loud.
I can just hear the accumulation of gasps as you and your family members
hover around your computer screens.  ”‘Magine that! A multiple Music PEI award
and East Coast Music Award winning artist having to work a serving job? Cruel

I felt the need to ‘come clean’ with my hidden part-time server lifestyle. Today,
I was going about my business serving up nice sandwiches and coffee, and I had
not one, but two strangers comment on how awful it was that I, an award winning
musician, was working a serving job at a cafe when I should be out making
MILLIONS and BA-ZILLIONS of dollars in the fruitful music industry of today
(to these people, I suggest reading a book or two about the music industry).
“It’s just a sin that a musician as good as you are needs to do this”
was the first comment today and it struck me funny.  Do people think that I
was actually drug in by the hair kicking and screaming to this job? Or maybe
they imagine me as a Cinderella princess type, singing with all the little doe-eyed
forest animals while being forced to scrub the floors, do the mending and wash the

This is just one example, but the sad truth is I get these comments
almost every day that I am on the job and I have for the last eight years.

The truth of the matter is…. I choose to work!

I really don’t know why people feel bad for me! I have a great part-time job! I
enjoy going to work. It has its moments, but it’s part-time jobs like the one I
have that keep musicians and artists in the green $$$.
Unlike most of my peers, I moved out at 17 and have not once had to move back
in with my folks(not even once!). I own a car. I have recorded three albums of
my self-penned music all before I hit the age of 25. I have been able to afford
a nice apartment. I have been smart with the money that I’ve worked hard for
and almost all of it has gone right back into the music that I love to make.

On behalf of all of the musicians who work damn hard to do what they love, please
don’t feel bad for us. Celebrate us! We are a hard working lot!  No, we won’t
(and don’t want to) work these part-time jobs forever; but they work for us for now.
These jobs are what are keeping us from moving into the basement of our parents
houses; which I think we can all agree, makes the world a much better place.

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