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“CRASH” Single Release

“Everybody loves you
and they all talk about you
every time I’m around”

"Crash" Video STILL
It is March and the sun is really starting to shine and I love it! I can feel the energy coming back into my soul and my heart. 2015 is going to be a fantastic year and today I am releasing some new music I am very excited to share with you. ┬áIt’s my first 2015 single and it’s called “CRASH” recorded and produced down in Athens, Georgia USA with John Keane.

It took me 5 years to write and release this song. Part of the reason being it broke my heart so much to write it, but I also believe that sending my art out into the ether will also result in a lot of healing for myself and for listeners who might connect to it. I tend to write a mish-mash of different songs; some happy and some sad. Usually the sad songs I write aren’t from my own experiences but are from stories that I’ve accumulated or dreamed up; and I’ve really enjoyed writing those songs but have dug a little deeper this time. I feel like I’ve dug so deep I hit China with this one. *sigh

What I have found from playing “CRASH” at my shows, is that it means something different to everyone, which is so fantastic. I have had a lot of people tell me about their heartache through this song. All kinds of heartache. Broken relationships, stories of abuse, lost friendships and more. Hearing people come up and tell me how the songs I’ve written have touched them is so grounding for me.

I think everyone can relate to having to run into someone who hurt you.
Having to look strong and put together, when you’re falling apart inside.
I am a believer that time heals and hopefully music will too.

Here is the link! Spread it around if you feel so inclined.
I would love to hear this on the TV show Nashville
THAT would be really healing haha.


I love you guys,


ps. At the end of the video is does say “available on Itunes”, but it should say available on itunes SOON haha. Stay tuned for the download!

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