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Valentine's Day
I want to tell you about my fella.

I have the sweetest, most loving man in my life (that’s him in the picture). He is kind, funny and we both like a lot of the same things. Sitting around the kitchen playing Tom Petty songs, Hawaii themed everything, Breaking Bad marathons and late night popcorn with a little bit of butter and a pinch of salt….OK, a lot of butter.

Our love has grown into something really beautiful over the years, but there has been one catch to our relationship that has made things a little tough.  He is ALSO a touring Canadian musician!

err my gerd. cute.

This means that we spend the better half of our year apart from one another sharing Christmas and a few dates in-between, and I don’t want you to feel bad for us here, but I can honestly not recall us ever spending a Valentine’s Day together.

What has kept us together through the long roads, late nights and time apart has been our love of music. Every Valentine’s Day I have sent him a love song by email no matter where we are in the world and he sends me one too. It’s a little Valentine’s Day gift between us every year that I look forward to with my whole heart.

SO THIS GOT ME THINKING…This Valentine’s Day, I want to offer something really special to my fans and friends who have supported me over the years. I want to take the tradition that my fella and I have, and open it up to you!

Are you looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone?

-I do not have these songs pre-recorded
-The song will be sung especially for YOUR sweetheart


Valentine's Day Gift Offer

Valentine’s Day Gift Offer



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