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Happy 2015 You Crazy Kids! xox

Bridgette's scarf!

It is January 2nd and I am sitting cross legged on my bed in my favorite cuddly bathrobe.  It’s a very long, red, fluffy robe that my mother gave me last Christmas; and although it’s not the most flattering thing, it is definitely the best outfit to adorn when you wake up feeling the New Year’s party from the night before. It’s cozy, it’s cuddly and today it matches my poofy red eyes.  And people say I don’t know how to match. Ha! My dearest friends and I rang in the New Year at the Levee’s in Charlottetown, PEI yesterday and it was a hoot. For the first time in years, the weather was mild enough to walk about our little downtown while we shared in multiple cups of cheer and food that the local legions and community halls provided.  The night was topped off by kicking up our heels at the Charlottetown Fire Hall where we danced the night away to a DJ who started off playing Stan Rogers tunes and slowly switched to Dance Mix 97 and Pit Bull around 8pm.

baby its cold

A lot of people whine and moan about making New Year’s resolutions, but I am not one of them.   I’ve come to find that some people get really prickly around New Year’s; and are very vocal about finding it redundant and stupid to make a list of goals, and I really find those people to be kind of sad and narrow minded.  I will admit, that I do get a little nauseous when I see people put their entire New Year’s resolution list on their Facebook pages and other social media sites.  I’m a big believer that you don’t change something in your life unless you want to truly do it for yourself.  Maybe it helps people to know that there is a community of anonymous cyber-friends holding you accountable for quitting smoking or losing weight; but that’s not me.  When New Year’s rolls around I feel like all of us daily list-makers and notorious goal-setters come out of the closet, so to speak, and bask in the glorious day when your neuroses are accepted by the general public.   A day where people don’t make fun of you for being “too much of a planner”. Yes, today is the day where I get to sit down with my coffee and unabashedly write my list of resolutions.  To all my self-proclaimed neurotic list-making homies out there, I say “what up”.


2015 is already off to a great start (aside from the poofy eyes), but  I’m very excited to share some very awesome news that I’ve had to keep hush-hush over the last few months.  I have officially signed with the American booking agency Degy Entertainment!  I am ridiculously excited and can’t wait to share my music south of the border.  Just a little trivia fact about me; I can recite the 50 US states backwards in alphabetical order in under a minute….it may not have been  the determining factor in my signing, but I would like to think that it helped.  So if that’s not exciting enough, I have also officially launched my corporation Meaghan Blanchard Music Inc.  The T’s are crossed, the I’s dotted and my business is off and running with some truly exciting things coming down the pipe in 2015. Stay tuned! I will be posting my 2015 gig schedule soon!

Love you guys,
Thanks so much for supporting the music I love to make and share.
Good luck with your list.
You are the best.
Don’t forget that.

Your friend,

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