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Happy Hearts and Hurricanes: SUMMER IS HERE!

July is FINALLY here and it is glorious!
For the first time in a very long time, I am oh-so excited for the summer months.

I’m going to admit it; I’ve never considered myself  a summertime girl. Being a red head with fair skin; my whole summer experience has been about ducking into the shadows of porch decks and summer umbrellas to get away from the heat and having everyone and their dog ask me “Do you have sunscreen on?”.
It’s unnerving too now that I’m getting older and I see new freckle-friends pop up on my shoulder and nose that were never there before. I’m a delicate pasty flower who needs shade, water and SPF100. I’ve accepted that.
THAT BEING SAID after the hellish winter we had, I say be damned with shade, bring on the summer sun! Here is a picture of a wild red head out taking in the summer. Shocking, isn’t it.

2014-06-16 16.05.43

June and the start of July have been fabulous.
I’ve gone to the beach and explored with friends, I played my music for the incredible people at The Festival of Small Halls, I traveled to the beautiful community of Digby Neck, NS for a fantastic show. I have been BBQ’ing and writing up a storm. Lots of new songs coming down the pipe that I’m really excited about! I also had two great friends get married this month! A hurricane rolled through the second wedding, and even with trees and the power down; they powered through and had the most amazing time. Their first dance was magical, with the power being out; all of the guests started picking up the candles off of the tables and surrounding them without being prompted. Not a dry eye in sight. haha. Love like this is so inspiring, and provides for great writing material!

Looking to catch me play in JULY? Here are some gigs you can’t miss!
July 12th @ The Mack Charlottetown PEI(Spotlight PEI)
July 15th @ Wyatt Heritage House Summerside PEI (Summer series)
July 26th @ Chatterbox Cafe PUGWASH NS
July 28th @ Victoria Playhouse Victoria by the Sea PEI with Katie McGarry

Sending love your way!


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