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Home For The Holidays!


Home for the HolidaysI can’t believe it is December already!  I just feel like the older I get, the faster time seems to zip past me. Time flies when you’re having fun I suppose!  I am very excited to be playing a holiday show every Saturday before Christmas this December! Christmas is a notoriously slow month for musicians, so I feel really blessed to be playing music and sharing in the spirit of the holidays with the people I love the most; my fans, my friends and my family.

I truly do love this time of year. There are so many smells that bring back the most romantic and lovely memories. My childhood memories are very affected by smells.  Here are two of my favorite holiday smells…

Every Christmas, my mother would take a little pot and put it on the stove top with cinnamon, cloves and orange slices; so the entire house would fill with the most wonderful smell. My mother is extremely crafty (this year she felted holiday dill-pickles to hang on the Christmas tree!) and she was always getting the kids to make crafts.  Mom would give each of us kids a humongous orange (or maybe they just seemed big at the time) and she would put a bowl full of cloves in the middle of the table, and she would let us draw a design on the oranges and then push the cloves into the oranges, like a pin cushion. The entire kitchen would smell like oranges for weeks and Mom always had a sticky mess to clean up afterwards.


The absolute best smell on Christmas eve (the most magical night of the year) was after midnight mass; where all of the Blanchard crew would walk over to Gram and Pop’s (they lived right beside our church) and Grammy would have been baking up a storm all that week. Meat pies, cakes and chocolate squares; but the best smell of all was Grammie’s fresh homemade bread. Grammie never made just the one loaf, and Christmas eve was no exception. All of the cousins would pile into the kitchen to see 10 loaves of the most beautiful golden brown bread on her counter top, cooled to perfection.  Those poor loaves didn’t stand a chance with the Blanchard crew around on Christmas eve. One cousin would grab the bread knife, someone else would grab the butter and we would go hog wild. Crumbs everywhere. If there was a train to carb-town, we were all on board. Toot! toot!

Happy Holidays and hope to see you out at one of the shows this December!

ps. Make sure you keep an ear tuned to your local radio station for my Christmas single “Jenna’s Song” which is back in circulation by popular demand! You can even call in a request it!

Jenna's Song

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