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Memories of my VERY first summer job!

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I half thought of just posting some of my favorite photos from the summer thus far, because I think that they really just speak for themselves. If you can’t tell, I am having a fantastic summer. I hope that you are too! After the awful winter that we had here in Canada, I have decided to hell with hiding away from the summer sun and just playing gigs! I am going to make the time to enjoy the beauty around me. I’ve been up picking peas on my fellas farm and went strawberry picking too! I might be allergic to strawberries, but they are so worth it. Haha.

I have been playing so many fantastic shows this summer and have so many more to come! Check out my gig schedule and come see me!
This is actually the first summer in a very long time that I  have not worked a part-time job on the side, which is very very very exciting and makes me very happy. I am so busy with playing shows and writing songs, it is just great. I was driving out today in Hunter River (where I grew up!) and was thinking about my very first job…

My very first part-time job was at the church my family went to every Sunday of our lives. Every summer, they opened up the church basement and turned it into a lobster and seafood restaurant. I was 12 years old and I had a ‘very’ important job. I was the potato salad scooper girl. It was a fairly technical job, I tell ya… I would lay down a piece of lettuce on a plate, haul out the huge buckets of potato salad from the fridge and scoop one full scoop of the pre-made potato salad onto the lettuce bed, topping each serving off with a shake of paprika. I was good at it too! I was fast.  They said I was the best potato salad scooper girl they ever had, but I’m pretty sure they were just buttering me up. It was a great job, but I always went home smelling like Lobster and dinner rolls. My dear summer time friend Maggie Farrell worked there too! She was just a year older and got to be the hostess and I will admit, I was a bit jealous. She might not have gone home every night covered in mayonaise, but did she get  free cup of french fries from the chef at the end of her shifts?  Hmmm, maybe she did….

             One day, my boss came into my potato scoop station and asked me if I was still helping my mom to lead the church’s children’s choir. He was tall and looming, and I was shy, but managed to whisper out a faint “yeah”. “WELL THEN! You should play here at the restaurant while people eat their lobster dinners! What do you think?!” So that’s how it started folks! I would work 4-5 days a week in the kitchen scooping potato salad and would come in on Saturday’s to sing and play guitar to tourists chowing down on their seafood. I have the best memories of singing at St.Anne’s Lobster Suppers. I found my old songbook the last time I moved apartments; the book I used to haul around with me to every Saturday gig with poorly spelled, hand written lyrics on every page. That was the first time in my life that I had people really come up to me and say “Hey! You’re good at that! You should keep that up!”. It really meant a lot at the time and still does today.

Ahh…memories eh?

-(Aug.6th)MUSIC IN THE PARK Rustico, PEI 
-(Aug. 7th)CELEBRATION ZONE Charlottetown, PEI 
-(Aug.9th)SONGWRITER’S CIRCLE @ The Mack Charlottetown, PEI 
-(Aug.11th) CAMPGROUND CABARET Cavendish PEI @Parks Canada 
-(Aug.14th) POOLE’S CORNER CEILIDH with Eddy Quinn and Friends 
-(Aug.22nd) BONNYMAN HOUSE Tatamagouche NS 
-(Aug23rd) UNION STREET CAFE Berwick, NS
-(Aug.24th) ALBERT AND CROWN PUB Alberton, PEI
-(Aug.29th) WATERMARK THEATRE with Zack Squires North Rustico PEI 


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