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October’s Ontario tour!

Throw back thursday

Hey folks,

In honor of #ThrowBackThursday, here is a shot of my siblings and I with those sweet 90′s backgrounds. Just a bunch of toothless grins eh?!

I’m just sitting in my favorite coffee shop in my home town with a big To-Do list in front of me, an Americano coffee and a nice fuzzy fall sweater on. The leaves are turning and the summer heat is gone.  For some reason, I thought that because the winter was so awful last year, that the weather God’s would bless us with unending summer! But now that fall is here and I can put on my spanx again, I am saying “Amen!” to that. Thank God for spanx season.

Last month I took a fantastic trip to beautiful Quebec City for a gig at their Tall Ships Festival. I packed my bags and was met by a lovely cab driver who gives tours around the city in his off time. It was so great to speak french again! I love the practice. We talked about the beautiful falls and churches and the history of this beautiful city.  The boys from Ten Strings and a Goat Skin were there to play as well and they were a ton of fun to hang out with. Our last night in Quebec, we went out for cheeseburgers, gelato and maple syrup covered potato chips. MAPLE….SYRUP…..POTATO…..CHIPS. It will change your life. I saw stars. I was also taken on a walking tour of the old city and found a bachelor shaming brigade. He told me I could sign ANYWHERE. ;)

bachelor party Quebec

From there I flew down to Athens, Georgia USA to record two new singles with my dear friend and producer John Keane.  He’s the same producer I worked with on my last album and it was SO nice to see him again. He has the most incredible ears and he can play any instrument you put in his hands.  It’s disgusting. haha. I love the air down in Athens. It has such a sweet smell to it. After an evening sitting out on the front porch swing of his studio, I asked John if he noticed it, but he said he didn’t. It must be similar to when people come to PEI and they say “Wow! The smell of that salt air!” I don’t notice it.  After the week of recording, I took a shuttle bus to Atlanta to catch my flight home where I sat next to the loveliest woman from Long Island, NY.  She was a spry 84 year old lady who was going to visit her family. I LOVE accents, and hers was superb. “Lawng Ahhland New Yahk.”.  I was hoping to have a ton of pictures to post from this trip, but I had my phone stolen when out for lunch.

Free undies in hotel room

I love being away, but I also love coming home. I think my favorite moment is arriving at the airport and having my folks or my fella there with a big smile on to pick me up. I feel like my heart could just burst every time.

October is a busy month as well! I’m very excited to hop in my car and hit the road for some Ontario dates! Tell your friends and family if they’re in the area! xoxoxoxo





-Oct.16&17 FMO CONFERENCE (private) Mississauga, ON
-Oct.18th HOUSE CONCERT Port Sydney, ON
-Oct.19th ACTIVE ARTS CENTER Rednersville, ON
-Oct.24th THE BRANCH Kemptville, ON
-Oct.25th HOUSE CONCERT Sudbury, ON
-Oct.26th THE GARNET with Melissa Payne Peterborough, ON
-Oct.27th THE SOUP OPEA Belleville, ON

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