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Ontario Tour! OCFF Conference! Hitting the road in ‘Dina’ my Dino Blue Car!

Up up and away!Beep Beep! Here I go again!

I am SO very excited to be hitting the road this month for a tour of Ontario and surrounding areas (Check my tour schedule!). I’ll be hitting Ottawa, Wakefield, Kingston, Belleville, Toronto and Montreal! Lots of spots to catch me if you’re in the area! It’d be great to see you out at a show.  This is also a big trip for me because I get to spin my new set of wheels on the road for her first ever road trip! Yay! Her name is ‘Dina’ and she’s Dino Blue (that’s actually the name of her coloring from the Honda dealer and I love it!). So if you’re in the area, look me up! Or if you see a blue flash fly by the 401, that’s me*!

[*Meaghan Blanchard would like to reiterate that she will not be speeding on the 401, just so Mom knows! ]

I can’t believe that it’s already October and I’m booking Christmas and New Years gigs! Amazing! I hardly get to enjoy my pumpkin spice latte’s without thinking about peppermint spiced lattes! It’s amazing how much forward thinking and planning goes into a music career.  When I first started out in my career, I had a hard time thinking from gig to gig, and now I feel like a real business woman! Now if only I had a beautiful big mahogany desk with my name on it. Someday right!

Something about the fall always puts my creative brain in gear. I made a big list yesterday of about 10 projects I want to do over the next couple of months besides plugging my new album! It’s really exciting! Psssst. I’m thinking about throwing a Tom Petty Tribute Night! Full Moon Fever say what?! And that’s just one of my ideas! The business side of the music business can get so dry sometimes, I’ve made up my mind to flex my creative muscle whenever I can. If only for the ’feelsy goodsies’ you get from it!!

Lots of love


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