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“CRASH” Single Release

“Everybody loves you
and they all talk about you
every time I’m around”

"Crash" Video STILL
It is March and the sun is really starting to shine and I love it! I can feel the energy coming back into my soul and my heart. 2015 is going to be a fantastic year and today I am releasing some new music I am very excited to share with you.  It’s my first 2015 single and it’s called “CRASH” recorded and produced down in Athens, Georgia USA with John Keane.

It took me 5 years to write and release this song. Part of the reason being it broke my heart so much to write it, but I also believe that sending my art out into the ether will also result in a lot of healing for myself and for listeners who might connect to it. I tend to write a mish-mash of different songs; some happy and some sad. Usually the sad songs I write aren’t from my own experiences but are from stories that I’ve accumulated or dreamed up; and I’ve really enjoyed writing those songs but have dug a little deeper this time. I feel like I’ve dug so deep I hit China with this one. *sigh

What I have found from playing “CRASH” at my shows, is that it means something different to everyone, which is so fantastic. I have had a lot of people tell me about their heartache through this song. All kinds of heartache. Broken relationships, stories of abuse, lost friendships and more. Hearing people come up and tell me how the songs I’ve written have touched them is so grounding for me.

I think everyone can relate to having to run into someone who hurt you.
Having to look strong and put together, when you’re falling apart inside.
I am a believer that time heals and hopefully music will too.

Here is the link! Spread it around if you feel so inclined.
I would love to hear this on the TV show Nashville
THAT would be really healing haha.


I love you guys,


ps. At the end of the video is does say “available on Itunes”, but it should say available on itunes SOON haha. Stay tuned for the download!

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Happy 2015 You Crazy Kids! xox

Bridgette's scarf!

It is January 2nd and I am sitting cross legged on my bed in my favorite cuddly bathrobe.  It’s a very long, red, fluffy robe that my mother gave me last Christmas; and although it’s not the most flattering thing, it is definitely the best outfit to adorn when you wake up feeling the New Year’s party from the night before. It’s cozy, it’s cuddly and today it matches my poofy red eyes.  And people say I don’t know how to match. Ha! My dearest friends and I rang in the New Year at the Levee’s in Charlottetown, PEI yesterday and it was a hoot. For the first time in years, the weather was mild enough to walk about our little downtown while we shared in multiple cups of cheer and food that the local legions and community halls provided.  The night was topped off by kicking up our heels at the Charlottetown Fire Hall where we danced the night away to a DJ who started off playing Stan Rogers tunes and slowly switched to Dance Mix 97 and Pit Bull around 8pm.

baby its cold

A lot of people whine and moan about making New Year’s resolutions, but I am not one of them.   I’ve come to find that some people get really prickly around New Year’s; and are very vocal about finding it redundant and stupid to make a list of goals, and I really find those people to be kind of sad and narrow minded.  I will admit, that I do get a little nauseous when I see people put their entire New Year’s resolution list on their Facebook pages and other social media sites.  I’m a big believer that you don’t change something in your life unless you want to truly do it for yourself.  Maybe it helps people to know that there is a community of anonymous cyber-friends holding you accountable for quitting smoking or losing weight; but that’s not me.  When New Year’s rolls around I feel like all of us daily list-makers and notorious goal-setters come out of the closet, so to speak, and bask in the glorious day when your neuroses are accepted by the general public.   A day where people don’t make fun of you for being “too much of a planner”. Yes, today is the day where I get to sit down with my coffee and unabashedly write my list of resolutions.  To all my self-proclaimed neurotic list-making homies out there, I say “what up”.


2015 is already off to a great start (aside from the poofy eyes), but  I’m very excited to share some very awesome news that I’ve had to keep hush-hush over the last few months.  I have officially signed with the American booking agency Degy Entertainment!  I am ridiculously excited and can’t wait to share my music south of the border.  Just a little trivia fact about me; I can recite the 50 US states backwards in alphabetical order in under a minute….it may not have been  the determining factor in my signing, but I would like to think that it helped.  So if that’s not exciting enough, I have also officially launched my corporation Meaghan Blanchard Music Inc.  The T’s are crossed, the I’s dotted and my business is off and running with some truly exciting things coming down the pipe in 2015. Stay tuned! I will be posting my 2015 gig schedule soon!

Love you guys,
Thanks so much for supporting the music I love to make and share.
Good luck with your list.
You are the best.
Don’t forget that.

Your friend,

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Home For The Holidays!


Home for the HolidaysI can’t believe it is December already!  I just feel like the older I get, the faster time seems to zip past me. Time flies when you’re having fun I suppose!  I am very excited to be playing a holiday show every Saturday before Christmas this December! Christmas is a notoriously slow month for musicians, so I feel really blessed to be playing music and sharing in the spirit of the holidays with the people I love the most; my fans, my friends and my family.

I truly do love this time of year. There are so many smells that bring back the most romantic and lovely memories. My childhood memories are very affected by smells.  Here are two of my favorite holiday smells…

Every Christmas, my mother would take a little pot and put it on the stove top with cinnamon, cloves and orange slices; so the entire house would fill with the most wonderful smell. My mother is extremely crafty (this year she felted holiday dill-pickles to hang on the Christmas tree!) and she was always getting the kids to make crafts.  Mom would give each of us kids a humongous orange (or maybe they just seemed big at the time) and she would put a bowl full of cloves in the middle of the table, and she would let us draw a design on the oranges and then push the cloves into the oranges, like a pin cushion. The entire kitchen would smell like oranges for weeks and Mom always had a sticky mess to clean up afterwards.


The absolute best smell on Christmas eve (the most magical night of the year) was after midnight mass; where all of the Blanchard crew would walk over to Gram and Pop’s (they lived right beside our church) and Grammy would have been baking up a storm all that week. Meat pies, cakes and chocolate squares; but the best smell of all was Grammie’s fresh homemade bread. Grammie never made just the one loaf, and Christmas eve was no exception. All of the cousins would pile into the kitchen to see 10 loaves of the most beautiful golden brown bread on her counter top, cooled to perfection.  Those poor loaves didn’t stand a chance with the Blanchard crew around on Christmas eve. One cousin would grab the bread knife, someone else would grab the butter and we would go hog wild. Crumbs everywhere. If there was a train to carb-town, we were all on board. Toot! toot!

Happy Holidays and hope to see you out at one of the shows this December!

ps. Make sure you keep an ear tuned to your local radio station for my Christmas single “Jenna’s Song” which is back in circulation by popular demand! You can even call in a request it!

Jenna's Song

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November tour of the UK & Amazing Audiobooks!



As I write this, I’m sitting at a coffee shop in my sleepy hometown of Charlottetown, PEI the day before I head out on my first tour of the United Kingdom. So much planning has gone into this trip that I can’t believe it’s happening tomorrow! Thank you so much to everyone involved in getting this tour off of the ground; Music PEI, Neil Pearson and EFDSS, Dan Walsh (my touring partner) and all of the venues involved! It’s going to be an amazing experience and I can’t wait to get home and tell you all about it. Click on “SHOWS” along the top bar to see where I’ll be! Be sure to tell your friends and family if they’re in the area!

October was a lovely month where I jumped in my car and drove out for a tour of Ontario (Peterborough, Belleville, Huntsville, Sydney, Kemptville & Rednersville) and it was just great. There is something so therapeutic about loading my car up with snacks, a great travel mug (David’s Tea Tumbler….THE BEST road mug. Get it! Your drink will stay piping hot for days), and audio books. I downloaded two books for this trip that I would like to talk a little about.


The first was “The Vocal Recovery Warm Up” by Susan Anders.  Without any formal training in my life, I have been finding the more traveling I do and the busier I get; my voice has been suffering BIG TIME.  I always thought that I could jam in a quick vocal warm up 10 minutes before I hopped on stage and that everything would work like clockwork. . For years I did this, and thought that being winded (out of breath) off the top of my shows was normal. What is ridiculous is that I’ve had people ask me (mostly in showcase performances) “Did you warm up before?” and I would come up with some excuse about how I didn’t have time, or just flat out lied and said I did and that I think I was coming down with something.  I play a lot of two hour shows, solo; which means that I do a lot of singing, but on top of that I do a TON of talking, on stage and off.  I also play a lot of house concerts, which don’t usually provide a sound system. I think I had this thought in my head that “great singers don’t have to really warm up; they’re just great” and that if I HAD to warm up; it meant that I didn’t have the chops. Talk about skewed thinking. SO this year has been a great AHA moment for me. I don’t want to have to get surgery on my vocal chords when I turn 30 because I wasn’t good to them now. You wouldn’t run a marathon without stretching would you? I now try to take at least a half hour before a show, to go to my car, put on my warm up exercises and just get into the zone. Going out to my car and listening to my vocal warm ups helps me relax and keep my nerves down before a show; which makes for a nice relaxed show!

MalalaThe second audiobook that I listened to while bopping along the highway was “I Am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai.  I had flipped through the hard copy of the book at at bookstore when it first came out, read a few pages and opted for a new journal instead. It might have been her interview with John Stewart a few months later that peaked my interest again.  I hardly know where to start, and it is just simply not enough to say I “enjoyed” this book. I feel like I was completely enlightened into a world that is so different than my own. While Malala spoke about protesting in her school yard at 12 years old with her friends for the right to learn, I thought about myself as a kid having to be drug out of my bed by my mother as a child.  I heard her voice in my head; “MEAGHAN, you HAVE to go to school, I don’t care if you don’t WANT to”. The pangs of guilt in my stomach lead to tears running down my face, which led to odd looks from passing cars. I was so moved by her story and I have not stopped thinking about the power of one voice. Of my own voice. I’ve been thinking about the times in my life where I didn’t speak up for things that have mattered to me.  I am so blessed to live in a country where I have the right to live the way I want and to state my opinions without the fear of being persecuted.  I highly recommend this read, but particularly the audio book, so to hear the sweet and strong voice of  young Malala; one small voice that changed the world.

What are you reading?

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October’s Ontario tour!

Throw back thursday

Hey folks,

In honor of #ThrowBackThursday, here is a shot of my siblings and I with those sweet 90′s backgrounds. Just a bunch of toothless grins eh?!

I’m just sitting in my favorite coffee shop in my home town with a big To-Do list in front of me, an Americano coffee and a nice fuzzy fall sweater on. The leaves are turning and the summer heat is gone.  For some reason, I thought that because the winter was so awful last year, that the weather God’s would bless us with unending summer! But now that fall is here and I can put on my spanx again, I am saying “Amen!” to that. Thank God for spanx season.

Last month I took a fantastic trip to beautiful Quebec City for a gig at their Tall Ships Festival. I packed my bags and was met by a lovely cab driver who gives tours around the city in his off time. It was so great to speak french again! I love the practice. We talked about the beautiful falls and churches and the history of this beautiful city.  The boys from Ten Strings and a Goat Skin were there to play as well and they were a ton of fun to hang out with. Our last night in Quebec, we went out for cheeseburgers, gelato and maple syrup covered potato chips. MAPLE….SYRUP…..POTATO…..CHIPS. It will change your life. I saw stars. I was also taken on a walking tour of the old city and found a bachelor shaming brigade. He told me I could sign ANYWHERE. ;)

bachelor party Quebec

From there I flew down to Athens, Georgia USA to record two new singles with my dear friend and producer John Keane.  He’s the same producer I worked with on my last album and it was SO nice to see him again. He has the most incredible ears and he can play any instrument you put in his hands.  It’s disgusting. haha. I love the air down in Athens. It has such a sweet smell to it. After an evening sitting out on the front porch swing of his studio, I asked John if he noticed it, but he said he didn’t. It must be similar to when people come to PEI and they say “Wow! The smell of that salt air!” I don’t notice it.  After the week of recording, I took a shuttle bus to Atlanta to catch my flight home where I sat next to the loveliest woman from Long Island, NY.  She was a spry 84 year old lady who was going to visit her family. I LOVE accents, and hers was superb. “Lawng Ahhland New Yahk.”.  I was hoping to have a ton of pictures to post from this trip, but I had my phone stolen when out for lunch.

Free undies in hotel room

I love being away, but I also love coming home. I think my favorite moment is arriving at the airport and having my folks or my fella there with a big smile on to pick me up. I feel like my heart could just burst every time.

October is a busy month as well! I’m very excited to hop in my car and hit the road for some Ontario dates! Tell your friends and family if they’re in the area! xoxoxoxo





-Oct.16&17 FMO CONFERENCE (private) Mississauga, ON
-Oct.18th HOUSE CONCERT Port Sydney, ON
-Oct.19th ACTIVE ARTS CENTER Rednersville, ON
-Oct.24th THE BRANCH Kemptville, ON
-Oct.25th HOUSE CONCERT Sudbury, ON
-Oct.26th THE GARNET with Melissa Payne Peterborough, ON
-Oct.27th THE SOUP OPEA Belleville, ON