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SIT DOWN, BUCKLE UP & HOLD ON! reflections on the roller coaster of life!

Hold on Baby!

I love this picture…

I just am always finding myself trying to imagine what is going through this kids head.  For one, it’s hilarious. He looks like the lead singer from SUM41. Maybe that really is how Derek Whibley gets those gravity defying spikes.  I want to post this picture everywhere in my house 1) to make me laugh but also 2)to remind me that life is a big roller coaster for everyone on this planet where you just have to hang on through the soaring highs and, at times, the death defying lows.  You know that “Hang in there!” kitty picture? This is my equivalent to that…

The pages of life keep turning for me musically and personally, with beautiful new chapters popping up everywhere! My summer gig calendar is fully stocked with a ton of great shows (The Festival of Small Halls is just around the corner! Get your tickets asap!, I’m planning a tour of the UK in November with Dan Walsh, an incredibly talented Banjo playing songwriter, heading down to record two new singles in Athens, Georgia in September with a music video that I am currently writing the script for… I am just feeling so creative!!

I’ve also had some exciting news this month!
Me and my niece Evie!

I’m an AUNT!!!  Maybe I should have put that part before the picture…
You know how people think that their nieces, nephews & kids are the cutest and everyone rolls their eyes at them as they talk about how perfect their offspring are like their going to be the next Malcolm Gladwell? Ya….I understand those people now.

This is Evie (pronounced Ee-vee) and she is precious. I just love her to pieces. Her parents are both children’s animators, so she’s basically going to have the coolest upbringing ever. Good job Bro! :) xox

So things are good…

But life certainly is a roller coaster ride. Sometimes my brain tricks me into thinking that life will keep on going the way it’s going forever. Life is definitely not a straight highway in Saskatchewan.  It in much more like the rolling hills of my home on Prince Edward Island.  A loved one is sick, a baby is born, a loved one gets better, you try something new, you let go of destructive habits, you learn a new art form, you learn to run…the list goes on.  Through all of life’s highs and lows I just keep telling myself to go through them all with open arms. This is easier said than done…One second you find yourself sitting back enjoying the ride and then the next you find yourself holding on for dear life! Life is funny like that eh?

I guess the important thing is that at the end of it all when you get to those pearly gates; you’re wide eyed, your hair is a mess, you’re exhausted but you’re still able to muster up the energy to shout out with a smile on your face
“Wow! What a ride!”


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