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SONGWRITING CAMP FOR GIRLS 2016! Learning is fun!

MB - Songwriters Camp (FB Post)

Songwriting Camp for Girls 2016!!
May 14th & 15th!
Held at The Holland College Campus School of Performing Arts
Two days of mentoring for girls interested in exploring songwriting/cowriting!
SO looking forward to it.
For applications email me directly at meaghanblanchardsongcamp@gmail.com 

Well can you believe that it is spring already? I feel like the winter just flew by! We had such a mild winter here on PEI, which was a treat compared to last winter. This may seem like a picture of the moon, but believe it or not it is my poor little island last winter! CRAZY!


This winter has been a time for learning, for finding peace and for planning for an awesome 2016!



-I have also taken the last 3 months to finish up my English Literature Undergraduate Degree at UPEI. My calendar was a little slower this January to April, so I decided to bite the bullet and finish it! My courses have been AMAZING.  It’s been something that I’ve been picking away over the years while I did my music and I can’t believe that in 4 days, it will be done! I’m not going to lie, it was not easy: writing papers in hotel rooms, in cafes on tour and putting that money aside when I could.  I’ve often taken online courses while on the road, but this winter I’ve been in actual classroom settings which has been really nice. I’ve made a lot of friends and love being back in the University library. Just walking through stacks of books is so nice and peaceful. Two weeks into classes this year: I had presented a project in one of my courses and my professor came up to me and said “Hey! You’re doing a really great job. Good for you!” and I swear, in that moment… I felt like crying.


It was SO NICE to have someone come up to me, pat my shoulder and say “You’re doing a great job! Keep going!”.
It made me realize that I don’t tell myself that enough with my music career.

I feel like so many of us don’t give ourselves the time to stop spinning and to be kind  to ourselves.
It was a really big “Aha” moment for me. I can be so hard on myself.
I set my bar so high sometimes.
SO that is a big goal for me in 2016, to be kind and empathetic to myself.
I just need a reminder sometimes that I’m not a robot and I need to listen to my body and my heart when it’s telling me to stop and smell the roses.


CLICK THE LINK to see the amazing Songwriting Camp Posters 2016 made by the phenomenal Mira Howards.

Meaghan – Songwriting Camp 2016 (3)

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