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Meaghan - Song Camp Poster
When I was 12 years old, I started writing songs.  I owned a journal and would write in that book every night alone in my room. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t either writing or singing; and when I was 12, both of these forces collided late one night in my room. I had not yet learned how to play guitar, but I sang the tune and wrote down the words in my scribbly half-cursive half-printed handwriting.  It was a love song; something that I had no experience in, but dreamed about constantly.  I put a chair up against my door to keep my nosy baby sisters out and sat cross legged on my bed until I had written two verses and one chorus.  That is a flashbulb moment in my life that I will never forget. I can remember the soft light from my lamp, the purple quilt I was sitting on and the time on the clock; 11:00pm.  I had created something from nothing, and it was the first time in my life that I really believed in myself. 

starting out

By the time I hit high school, I made a ton of guy friends who liked to jam and play (which was totally fantastic), but there weren’t a lot of young women who were writing as far as I could tell. Where were my peers? I knew I couldn’t be the only young female who was putting her words to music. The sad thing was, THEY WERE OUT THERE!  This was far before the boom of social media, and I ended up finally meeting a lot of these female songwriters while in University at local coffee shops and through late night Facebook messages.  It was such a beautiful thing to share our similar stories of late night journal writing and fumbling through guitar chords alone in our rooms.  I still find my self day dreaming about how great it would have been to have met these gals when we were all just starting out. While we were young, awkward, inspired, and were chomping at the bit to tell our stories through music.


I am very exciting to be launching MEAGHAN BLANCHARD’S SONGWRITING CAMP FOR GIRLS 2015 taking place May 23rd & 24th at the Holland College School of Performing Arts. There is an undercurrent of very talented young women on Prince Edward Island at the moment; young singers, songwriters and lyricists who are in the budding stages of their creative development.  I would like to connect these young women together, offer guidance from my own experiences and to develop and create a space where they feel comfortable exploring and learning about the craft of song writing.  Over two days, these girls will each write and polish a song of their own that they will share in our own songwriter’s circle at the end of camp.

For registration forms and information on cost and other details, you can email me directly at  meaghanblanchardsongcamp@gmail.com.



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