Love & Light Music

          My name is Meaghan. I am a songwriter, a bread baker, a new mother, and the wife of a vegetable farmer in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

For the last fifteen years I toured my music between North America, England and Scotland, and now I'm home with my loving husband and a little baby and I feel more joy for life than I ever thought possible. Although I am taking the odd show, I am not touring at the moment, as I am in the process of launching "LOVE & LIGHT MUSIC": a funeral/celebration of life music service business.  I want to help people who are in grief to process their loss through the healing power of music.  

I have seen the incredible energetic shifts that can happen when the right piece of music is performed at a funeral/end of life service. I have been asked to play at a number of funerals over my years as a touring musician, and I have seen first hand how music can build connection and facilitate healing in these challenging life moments. A face tight with grief will relax into a small soft smile, anxious shoulders will fall, and families will instinctively move closer to one another and weave their hands together. It is amazing to see, and if my music had anything to do with that, then I would like to serve my community in this way.  

I have been wanting to launch this project for years, but if I can be honest, I let the opinions of people in my industry and opinions of those around me sway me from my intuition and my inner truth.  "So you're going to stop touring and play funerals?" I would hear from confused faces with cocked eyebrows. Their skepticism always made my stomach sink. I had a friend tell me how selfish it would be to take money from grieving people. That one hurt. We don't talk much anymore. 

I don't think inner callings always come with an easy explanation.

This is what I know. That I have toured around the world, I've played in front of thousands of people, I have won awards and I have played on some of the most prestigious stages in the world. But nothing in my life has ever felt as right or has made me feel more inner joy and peace than when I have set up in the corner of a small church or funeral home, with my guitar, a small sound system and sent all of my energy into helping these families. 

More details will come along soon, but if you would like to know more, or book me for a service, email me at   


“Meaghan is truly an artist with a vision of how to use her wonderful voice and pair it up with songs that truly move you as a listener.” 
(Maverick, UK )


Photography by Dave Brosha

Photography by Dave Brosha

Career Highlights


  • Two Time ECMA Award winning songwriter 
  • "She's Gonna Fly" Meaghan's third and award winning album, produced by John Keane (R.E.M., Widespread Panic, Nancy Griffith) and recorded in Athens, Georgia USA in 2012
  • Multiple Music PEI Award winning artist 
  • Guest artist at the UK House of Commons
  • Performed for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their Honeymoon tour
  • Played 47 shows in 14 days at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics 
  • "Gotta Let" featured of CBC TV Series SAVING HOPE 
  • Founder of the "Meaghan Blanchard Songwriting Camp for Girls"